Get involved in the PrestaShop Project

PrestaShop is a community project, made by hundreds of people collaborating around the world. You can participate too!

Here are the main ways you can get involved in the project:

  • Report a bug. If you notice a problem and you think it comes from the software itself.
  • Request a feature. If you have an idea that could help improve the project for everyone.
  • Submit code changes. The best way to help move the project forward by improving it yourself!
  • Review code changes. To ensure that suggested changes are correct and don’t degrade the software’s quality.
  • Test code changes. To make sure that a change produces the desired effect and nothing else.
  • Improve the documentation. Help other people understand PrestaShop.
  • Issue gardening. All newly reported bugs must be reproduced before they can be accepted.
  • Translation. Help translate PrestaShop into one (or more) of its 80 available languages.
  • Write specifications. To formally describe how the software is supposed to behave in different scenarios.

Other ways to contribute

  • Raise awareness about the project. You can write blog articles about the project and discuss it on social media, meetups, conferences, etc.
  • Help community members. You can answer questions on Slack, participate in GitHub, create tutorials on your blog or on Youtube, etc.
  • … or simply use the software. Just being a user is also helpful!

More information: How to contribute (DevDocs)