Using PrestaShop brand and logo for a user group

You have created a user group about PrestaShop, or you are creating content like blog articles or videos about PrestaShop, and you would like to know how to use the PrestaShop brand and logo. You are in the right place.

Step 1, read the guidelines

The PrestaShop company legal team and brand team took time to design and write guidelines about how to use the PrestaShop brand and logo the right way. And, they also created templates that you can use to create a visual identity for your group.

Please read carefully IP Right Policies document.

Step 2, use the templates

When you have read the guidelines and you are ready to follow them, you can then download the ZIP archive with all the templates.

You will find in it:

  • A copy of the guidelines in PDF, for reference
  • The Montserrat-Bold.ttf text font, used for the logo
  • Horizontal user group logo template, one line, EPS
  • Horizontal user group logo template, two lines, EPS
  • User group single logo, SVG
  • User group single logo, EPS
  • Vertical user group logo template, one line, EPS
  • Vertical user group logo template, two lines, EPS

In order to edit them, you will need a vector graphic software like Inkscape (free software) or Adobe Illustrator, or an equivalent.

Tell us more about your user group

When you have created you user group logo and published it on your forum, group, chat, or your favourite communication channel, please tell the world about it: add it to the list in the dedicated document (coming soon).

This way, interested people will be able to find your group easily and join it with a few clicks.

Official user groups

Friends of Presta Friends of Presta is a French community that connects developers and integrators who work with the open-source e-commerce platform PrestaShop.

Every year, Friends of Presta (FoP) organizes a day of conferences and workshops that bring together developers, integrators, and members of the PrestaShop open-source team.

FoP manages a Slack channel and a Facebook page, attracting thousands of members who share a passion for PrestaShop.

You can also join the organization’s security team for a safer e-commerce (more than 50 flaws reported on third party modules). And many projects on GitHub including the FoP Console.

Join FoP to become a part of the community and help improve PrestaShop!