About the project’s Slack

General presentation

A chat has always been a good way to communicate around an open source project. In the past, IRC would have been the default choice. But nowadays, in PrestaShop ecosystem, people really enjoy Slack, which is why it has been chosen.

This communication channel is open to anyone who wants to help and contribute to the PrestaShop open source project. There are many ways to contribute:

  • Using the software
  • Planning, sponsorising, or speaking at events (meetups, conferences, …)
  • Designing (specifications, UX/UI, …)
  • Writing (documentation, blog posts, tutorials, video, …)
  • Gardening (sorting GitHub issues, moderating community forum, …)
  • Helping community members
  • Reporting bugs
  • Writing code (require coding skills)

The objective is to grow the ecosystem around the software, and of course, to improve the software itself.

If you are an active contributor, or want to become one, then this is definitely a place to be.

More information:

Foster great discussions between many people

Please keep in mind that the main language on the PrestaShop open source Slack in English, as it is an international project.

In order to foster respectful discussions, everybody is invited to read and follow the Code of Conduct.

Quick reminder: if you feel that someone is agressive, please take in account that not everyone is a native English speaker. They might just write basic English or do not find the good words to be polite. Let’s be tolerant and try to understand each other and collaborate.

Community members with bad behavior will be banned.

Creating a knowledge base

Slack, and chats in general, is an ephemeral communication channel. It means this is a good place to create links between people and have open discussions on a large range of topics.

But this is not the good place for technical support, as answers will quickly be lost in archives and threads. And new people will come and ask the same questions again.

This is why it is asked to community members that, when submitting a technical question, please create an issue on the Devdocs. The link to the issue will then be shared on the relevant Slack channel.

The answers will then be used to improve the technical documentation.

Joining the PrestaShop open source project’s Slack

If you read the information on this document and you agree to follow them, you are ready to join prestashop.slack.com. Please click on the link below:

Request an invitation for prestashop.slack.com

When you join this Slack instance, do not forget to fill your profile with some personnal information in order to ease identifying you, like your real name, your company, and of course, your GitHub account if you are a developer.