How to contribute to UI tests



The first question to ask when making a contribution is “Which branch should I target?”.

The rules are as follows:

  • The development branch for UI testing is the current development branch.
  • The branch changes as soon as the final release is out.

Differences between scenarios & tests

Scenarios are the base of UI Tests. They are available on the PrestaShop Tests Documentation.

Tests are the code based on scenarios. They are available on the main repository in the tests/UI directory.

Contribute to UI tests

Choose a scenario to automate

This part is only available for PrestaShopCorp employees.

  • Go to the PrestaShop Forge
  • Access to the Test Repositoy
  • Find a test in the directory Core or Modules with the state “TO BE AUTOMATED”

Create the PR

  • The contributor create a PR targetting the development branch for UI tests.
  • The contributor can check that the PR works with the Github Action

Review the PR

Merge of the PR