People and roles in the project

The project is organized by councils that have authority over the different domains.

To learn more about the project’s organization, read How we work.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is in charge of providing structure and a general direction for the project. To that end, it oversees the other Councils and has final authority over them and their decisions, including the right to appoint and remove leads.

Current members:

Product Council

The product council is in charge of product vision for the project, ensuring that the software meets the needs of its various users. It has authority over product management subjects, including what features belong in the project, specifications, UI/UX guidelines, and wordings.

Current members:

  • Amine Ouanes (@amine-O) - Council Lead
  • Daniel Hlavacek (@Hlavtox) - external contributor not affiliated with PrestaShop SA
  • Jean-François Viguier (@jf-viguier) - external contributor not affiliated with PrestaShop SA
  • Krystian Podemski (@kpodemski)

UX Designers

UX Designers make sure that interfaces follow the best practices in usability and design.

Current UX designers:

Wording Manager

Wording managers ensure that wordings are adequate, follow the project’s tone of voice, and are categorized properly.

Current wording managers:


Alumni are former Product council members who do not wish to participate actively in the project.


Technical Council

The technical council provides the technical vision for the whole project, reviewing and merging code contributions, while ensuring that the software is developed according to the product vision. It decides on technical subjects, including architecture and implementation choices.

Current members:


Committers can review and merge code contributions. They summon the technical council when important decisions need to be made.

Current committers:


Alumni are former technical council members or committers who do not wish to participate actively in the project. They can still review and merge code contributions and their advice is always welcomed.


Quality Council

The quality council provides the quality assurance vision for the project and has authority on related subjects, such as verification of pull requests, test automation strategy, bug triage process, and quality assessment.

Software Testers

Software Testers make sure that the quality of the software improves over time, by verifying that code changes behave as expected. To do this, they extensively test Pull Requests, PrestaShop’s releases and its built-in modules.

Current Software Testers:

Software Developers in Test

Software Developers in Test provide technical vision, review contribution and write automated tests, which help accelerate the testing process.

Current Software Developers in Test:


Alumni are former QA council members who do not wish to participate actively in the project.


Dedicated maintainers

Some projects have dedicated maintainers who are responsible for them: