List of apps and integrations used in Slack


  • Description: Productboard is a product management tool, used by the PrestaShop Core’s product team to gather feedback, organize and prioritize features and improvements to build, and to follow their development. These feedback are grouped together to create “features ideas” that you can see at The Productboard app connects this Slack to the PrestaShop’s Productboard.
    It allows the product managers to transform a Slack message (and its comments) into a feedback “note” on productboard.
    More info on the productboard website
  • Access to the app: Limited
  • Users: Only the PrestaShop’s productboard users can create note from Slack
  • Owners: PrestaShop Core’s product management team, [email protected], currently composed by PrestaShop employees only.
  • Language: EN
  • Channels perimeter: all channels