Preliminary tasks

Before you can start your build, you must make sure that the project is ready to be built.

1. Create the new version in Addons Marketplace and update native module compatibility

This step requires special rights.

Ask a maintainer from the PrestaShop Company with administrative rights on the Addons Marketplace to perform this step.

This only needs to be done once per release.

(i.e. if done for a beta, it doesn’t need to be performed again for the final release).

2. Make sure the version number has been updated in the Core

This only needs to be done once per release.

PrestaShop does not support pre-release versioning yet. Any build of will be identified as regardless if the release is alpha, beta, RC or stable.

Check the following files and update them if necessary:

  • /install-dev/install_version.php:

    // update the version number below
    define('_PS_INSTALL_VERSION_', '');
  • /app/AppKernel.php:

    // Update the version number and version components (const *VERSION and the other one, which depends for patch or minor)
    const VERSION = '';
    const MAJOR_VERSION_STRING = '1.7';
    const MAJOR_VERSION = 17;
    const MINOR_VERSION = 6;
    const RELEASE_VERSION = 2;

Make a pull request and have it merged.

If you’re lost, check out this example from the release.

3. Make sure the default translation catalogue has been updated and pushed to Crowdin

This step requires special rights.

Ask a maintainer from the PrestaShop Company with access to the Translation Tool to perform this step.

This step is only needed for minor and major releases.

It is usually only done once per release as well.

4. Manual verifications

Make sure that in the current branch:

  • All license headers are correct
    • php bin/console prestashop:licenses:update
  • All controllers are secured by annotations, and legacy link are provided for Symfony routes
    • php bin/console prestashop:linter:security-annotation
    • php bin/console prestashop:linter:legacy-link
  • There are no known vulnerabilities in composer dependencies using Fabpot Local PHP Security Checker
  • (Minor and major releases only) – No important @todo annotations have been left forgotten in new code
  • All new hooks have been registered
  • The generated FOS JSON routing file is up-to-date
    • php bin/console fos:js-routing:dump --format=json --target=admin-dev/themes/new-theme/js/fos_js_routes.json
  • Any new native modules have been added into composer.json and their latest versions have been updated in composer.lock
    • composer outdated -D "prestashop/*"
  • (1.7.7.x patch releases only) – Static assets have been built, updated and committed
    • ./tools/assets/
  • Nightly builds are green
If any of above verifications fails, it MUST be addressed in a Pull Requests and merged before moving forward.