Project organization

Project roles

Product Managers

Product Managers provide the product vision for the project, ensuring that the software meets the needs of its various users.

Current product managers:

Project Maintainers

Project maintainers provide the technical vision for the whole project, reviewing and merging code contributions, while ensuring that the software is developed according to the product vision.

Current maintainers:

Scoped Maintainers

Scoped Maintainers have the same mission as Project Maintainers, but over a limited scope (e.g. a project, a repository, or a technology).

If the scope is one or multiple repositories, maintainers rights are granted only on these repositories. If the scope is larger (example: being in charge of a folder inside a repository) maintainer rights are granted on the repository and the scoped maintainer is trusted not to abuse.


Committers participate in reviewing code contributions and are able to include them in the project once they have been accepted and verified.

Current committers:

UX Designers

UX Designers make sure that interfaces follow the best practices in usability and design.

Current UX designers:

Issue Managers

Issue managers reproduce and qualify new issues to avoid duplicates and, if they are indeed defects in the software, their severity. They also redirect new improvement suggestions to the right Product Manager.

Current issue managers:

Software Testers

Software Testers make sure that the quality of the software improves over time, by verifying that code changes behave as expected. To do this, they extensively test Pull Requests, PrestaShop’s releases and its built-in modules.

Current Software Testers:

Software Developers in Test

Software Developers in Test provide technical vision, review contribution and write automated tests, which help accelerate the testing process.

Current Software Developers in Test:

Wording Manager

Wording managers ensure that wordings are adequate, follow the project’s tone of voice, and are categorized properly.

Current wording managers:

User Documentation Managers

User documentation managers ensure the quality and consistency of the user documentation.

Current user documentation managers:

Technical Documentation Managers

Tech documentation managers ensure the quality and consistency of the developer documentation

Current tech documentation managers:

No one yet